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Decision Support System for Enterprise Climate Risk Management

Visualize Climate Risks. Strategize Adaptation. Build Resilience.
Our Story

With increasing intensity and frequency of extreme weather events due to climate change, enterprises and governments are faced with a pressing challenge of accurately assessing and astutely managing their financial risks. We are a diverse team of young professionals who have come together to catalyze this climate resilience transformation to enable evidence-based decision making around adaptation planning. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to build climate resilience by empowering enterprises and governments with decision support tools that combine the latest science on climate and environment with high resolution asset-specific characteristics.


We leverage the power of high resolution earth observation data, including drones and satellites, image processing techniques and integrated hydrological-hydraulic modelling to predict the intensity of risk and design solutions to manage and mitigate these risks.    

Who are we

Focus Areas

Surface Runoff 


Factors contributing to surface runoff include impermeable surfaces, slope and topography, and lack of vegetation

Bank Erosion & Failure


Factors include high water velocity, increased runoff, and fluctuating water levels.

Natural processes like hydraulic action and abrasion contribute to gradual bank erosion.

Pluvial, Fluvial and Coastal Floods


Heavy/prolonged rainfall, inadequate drainage, & urbanization.

Heavy/Prolonged rainfall, dam water release, and topographical factors

Storm intensity, wind patterns, shoreline erosion, and  topography

Dam Breach


It can happen due to structural weaknesses, high water pressure, or natural disasters. The resulting flooding poses risks to people, infrastructure, and the environment.

Canal Deterioration


Canal conditions can deteriorate due to siltation, weed growth, etc. Proper condition assessments are necessary to identify issues and prioritize repairs, ensuring optimal performance.

Our Offerings

1. Drone and Bathymetric Survey


High resolution (10-50 cm) aerial survey with DEM, ortho image outputs using PPK drones.

Dual Frequency Single beam Echo sounder based bathymetric survey for mapping the river cross section.

2. Watershed Mapping and Management


Catchment and wetland delineation ; Slope, Stream flow pattern and Drainage mapping ; Establishing check dams, weirs to control flow

3. Integrated Hydrology-Hydraulic Modelling


Rainfall-Runoff Modelling; Determination of design flood; Estimation of sediment yield; Establishing check dam, weirs, chal-khal, detention ponds, etc., to store and manage the flow.

Flood Inundation modelling and analysis; River and reservoir flow routing analysis; Scour depth estimation and analysis at the river and reservoir beds; Sediment transport and bank failure analysis and modeling; Flood forecasting model development.

4. Nature Based Solutions


Bioengineering works to stabilize river banks; Installation of vegetation on drains and at the upper catchment areas; Wetland restoration.

5. Spatial Mapping


Spatial mapping provides valuable insights for informed development and resource management. It visualizes geographic information, identifies patterns, and guides sustainable decision-making, esp. for GIS-based master plan development. 

How it works

The Team

BM Pic.jfif

Barath Mahadevan


Aditya Pic.jpeg

Aditya Subramanian


Akhil Kumar.jpg

Akhil Kumar

Flood Management Specialist 

Manish Photo.jpg

Manish Kr Aryan

          Flood Modeller 

Analyst - Urban & NbS

Shikha Puri


Keerthana HB

Associate - Strategy & Growth


NK Jothi Sankar

Tech Lead


Rishav Mishra

UI/UX Specialist 

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