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Decision Support System for Enterprise Climate Risk Management

Visualize Risks. Strategize Adaptation. Streamline Reporting.
Our Story

If the Covid experience is anything to go by, we are in for some testing times ahead with the looming climate crisis. We are a multi-disciplinary group of professionals seeking to make a difference by leveraging technology to strengthen climate resilience of enterprises,  

Our Vision

Our vision is to catalyze the climate resilient transformation of enterprises with contextualised tech-based decision support system that combines the latest science on climate change with company-level asset and supply chain characteristics, 


Our platform leverages the power of open-source, geospatial, cloud and big data analytics to provide robust enterprise-level physical climate risk assessment, adaptation scenario planning and streamlined integration of results into regulatory reporting, standards and disclosure frameworks.   

Who are we

How it works

Visualize Risks

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Evaluate financial risks to your company at short, medium and long term,  based on high resolution weather and climate modelling projections.

Strategize Adaptation

Simulate the efficacy and feasibility of various adaptation interventions (including insurance) to reduce your company's financial risk due to climate change.

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Financial Report

Streamline Reporting

End-to-end ownership of climate risk management process through streamlined integration of risk assessment results into ESG related regulations and standards such as BRSR, ISO, CDP and TCFD. 

How it works
The Team
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Barath Mahadevan


Aditya Pic.jpeg

Aditya Subramanian


Akhil Kumar.jpg

Akhil Kumar

Flood Management Specialist 

Manish Photo.jpg

Manish Kr Aryan

          Flood Modeller 

Jothi Pic_edited.jpg

Tech Lead

NK Jothi Sankar

Ayantika Photo.jpg

Ayantika Dutta

Chief of Staff 


Rudra Goswami

Business Development Consultant


Rishav Mishra

UI/UX Specialist 

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